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Triacca – Riserva La Gatta

ABV: 13.0%
Available Size: 750 ml
Case: 12 Bottles


“Dense, intensive ruby; complex, spicy nose with wonderful, leathery overtones and notes of ripe cherries; his flavour is dry, balanced, slightly tannic, becoming more soft and velvety with aging.

We select only the best grapes from our vines for Riserva La Gatta. These are normally harvested as late as possible to ensure perfect ripening on the vine. The marked differences between day and night temperatures in the Valtellina area in early November give this wine a particularly intense, broad and delicate nose. Its complexity comes from the rich essences, noble tannins and anthocyanin pigments that the grapes give this remarkable wine. Most of our Riserva La Gatta wine is left to mature for years in oak casks, while a third is kept in small vats. The end result is a wine with a complex, intense and delicate nose. Round, sapid and extraordinarily elegant on the palate. A well-blalanced, harmonious wine that showcases all the special characteristics of our mountain Nebbiolo grape.” – Triacca Winery

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