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Frescobaldi – Massovivo Vermentino

ABV: 12.5%
Available Size: 750 ml
Case: 12 Bottles


“Enormous yellowish rocks characterise the landscape in which the Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia lies; emerging from the earth, they are known locally as massi vivi, living rocks. Massovivo is a lovely, intense straw-yellow, Vermentino that immediately impresses with notes of fragrant blossoms and candied fruit, along with a fascinating vein of earthy minerality, typical of this growing area.

The growing season was characterised by heavy rainfall both at the end of autumn and during the winter, which contributed in keeping underground water levels well-supplied. When compared to previous years, budding began about a week late, but a favourable climate in April and May—as well as a very hot July mitigated by cooler evenings—accelerated the plants’ growth, allowing for an early veraison. The grapes’ ripening progressed softly due to a rainy August that lowered temperatures, resulting in a product distinguished by excellent aromatic polyphenols.” – Frescobaldi Vineyard

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