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Allagash – FV 13

This year’s beer features an aroma with notes of graham cracker, lime zest, and vanilla. The flavor blends sweet and tart with notes of grapefruit and raspberry, and finishes with a cleansing bitterness.

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FV13 originates as a Belgian-style golden ale. After fermentation in stainless steel with the allagash house yeast, it is transferred to a 2,700 gallon French oak foudre where it is aged for four years on a blend of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Many of their wild beers are finished with a pure culture of a specific organism. However, with FV13 a portion of the previous batch is used to inoculate the beer, so each time they create FV13 it will display unique characteristics.

ABV: 8.8%

Available Size: 370ml