//Craft Beer: Tap into Something New

Craft Beer: Tap into Something New

Craft beer is becoming a staple of liquor store shelves. Over the last decade there has been a noticeable surge in variety of labels when it comes to Craft Beers. With so many options, how is someone able to select a crafted brew that is right for them? If you have not had a lot of experience with beer, picking a craft beer is like reaching in a cooler blind-folded. With so many breweries, styles of beer, and labels on the shelf, who can just “pick up beer”?  However, if you start by finding out which style of beer you prefer, what others have said about it, and taste testing through taste testing, you can find the one right for you.


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RI Craft Beer SelectionKnowing which style of beer, you have a preference to, will narrow down the craft beer that is right for you. Start with a beer you enjoy, and try others of the same variety. If you are looking for a useful reference try the craft beer guide provided by CraftBeer.com. Each beer has an in depth look at unique qualities found in the style, along with a few examples of a craft beer matching that description.

Chances are you are not the first person who will be drinking the craft beer, so see what other people have said. Check online reviews and social media for the reviews before buying. Use the descriptions pertaining to flavor and aroma. This will narrow down your selection even further, and the craft beer is ready to try.


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Once you have your style and done a little research, once you RI Craft Beertry a craft beer you will know if you want to buy it again. Looking to try multiple new craft brews? Try a flight of beers, a sampling of multiple craft beers, from a bar. Look to see when local craft breweries will offer tastings. Some liquor stores have mix-n-match six packs, which allow you to try one beer without buying the whole six pack.


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Once you have settled on the one that is right for you, continue to branch out. Craft beer is ever changing, and new craft beers are being added to shelves daily. With your new craft beer knowledge, it will be easier to make a choice next time you are looking at all the different labels.

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